Saturday, 12 December 2009

Happy Christmas....

Well it seems that Ratty has been at the mini Christmas cakes!
Never mind, I'll make some more next year!

Whilst I have your attention, please nip over to visit my friend Mary, she is quite new to blogging and I am sure many of you will enjoy following her.
Mary makes beautiful dolls.


  1. Love that Rat Mags, too cute. I take it that you made the little fellow, love his Christmas Hat and he seems to be enjoying his bit of cake.. I've already been over to your friend Mary's blog and welcomed her to the blogosphere, she does make beautiful

  2. TOO CUTE!!!! I will go to Marys blog now. Thanks and Happy Christmas! Hugs~ Kim

  3. Just adorable! BTW the cake in your topper is amazing! I love the texture in both the cake and the frosting. And your flowers are fabulous too! =D

  4. Awwwww bless so lovely Mags. Have a wonderful Christmas.


    Debie xxxxx


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