Friday, 29 January 2010


With the recent family event - our Son (youngest child) reaching 40, out came all the old photos and with them, many memories. (Gosh I feel old!)
We celebrated with a family meal and got talking about what we ate in the 60's and 70's
(oh dear, I expect many of my lovely followers do not remember!)
Well the typical restaurant meal was:
Prawn Cocktail, Steak and Chips followed by a large portion of Black Forest Gateau, washed down with a glass of Liebraumilch!
So for my 40th celebration cake (in miniature) I thought I would re-create the BFG.
Now I have not eaten this for many years but I do remember that as you cut into it, the cream, cherries and liqueur would 'squidge'.
So how to make a mini 'squidgy' cake that will not alter shape too dramatically when cut?
It was difficult to texture the cake as the layers were quite thin but, hey ho, the end result is not too bad.
There is a book entitled The Prawn Cocktail Years and these 3 items are the signature dishes from the 50's, 60's and 70's when Britain was learning to 'eat out'.


  1. Oh wow! Black Forest Gateau - the height of sophistication and your miniature version looks good enough to eat (after the prawn cocktails and and steak diane of course) :-)

  2. I still like all of these apart from the prawns.
    Steak and chips will go on forever.
    Always wished they didnt put the liquer in the gateaux as a child... would have been much nicer without it, lol.
    You have done a great job though and it looks just how i remember.
    Nikki xxx

  3. Mags that Gateaux looks wonderful. I had to laugh cause my Kids love a Prawn Cocktail and we always have them at Christmas as a starter..
    Had them this weekend as well, well we did have another Christmas!...

  4. Debbie: Lol - we had Prawn cocktail as a starter at Christmas too!!
    Nikki: I must have been born a Boozer - I always loved the liquer!

    Keep popping in, I will be fitting in Prawn Cocktail and Steak and chips with the stock that I am currently making.

  5. Wonderful Mags.....looks just like the real thing.

    I remember all of those meals lol...I had forgotten about Liebraumilch though lmao.

    And the Americans say British food sucks...pffttt.

  6. Hi, Mags! Lovely cake.

    I hate to be a bother but if you will update my blog name on your list from Mini Leaps and Bounds, I have changed it to Peach Blossom Hill. Thank you. Hope you are well. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family.


  7. Ti-ra-mi-su... That is my favorite sweet. But, I avoid to eat them any more, they have tendance ( ? ) to stay on my hips... I think it is not tiramisu, but the *chocolate perdition* for my body figure.
    Yours, will perfectly do !


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