Friday, 26 March 2010

Finally, ready to go....

the car is packed - hot bath and then a sit down with a nice Gin and Tonic!!
Miniatura, here we come!
I thought I'd nip into 'Blogoland' quickly and show you a couple of the things I have made..


  1. Wah!! I'm sooooo envious of the fairs you have in Britain! Enjoy!

  2. Great work! I love the cutting board with the salmon steaks. Good luck at Miniatura.

  3. Great stuff! Have a great time!

  4. I LOVE the mouse on the board with the cheese, the fab salmon and hot-dog stand too! All great work! ;o))

    Have a great day!
    Michelle :o))

  5. Great work...My favourite is the mouse with the cheese ;)

  6. Wishing you every success at Miniaturia Mags. Hope you've packed the camera. We want a blow by blow account of the fair when you get back. Have a safe

  7. Brilliant Mags, Love the hot dog stand,
    have agreat show,
    Mary x

  8. Mags! I WANT that chicken! I am in love with her! And the food is all making me quite hungry. I am in fact waiting for my hubs to get ready so we can deliver hay and then get a bite to eat! And the rat amidst the cheese--everything is wonderful! Have a great time!


  9. Oooooh what a lot of beautiful things you've made!
    I love the little mouse and chicken...they are so cute...i like them very much!
    Wish you luck at Miniatura ;-)


  10. Apetititoso Todo muy bien. menos el raton, ja, ja, ja.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  11. Has trabajado muchisimo y muy bien!!!!
    El pesaco no puede ser mas real, igual que la carne, el queso con el ratoncito es una monada, la gallina en su gallinero....muy original.
    Y el puesto Genial!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  12. très beau travail! et la souris.. adorable!

  13. I'm just back from Miniatura too. I passed your stand and would have said hello but you looked very busy with lots of folk around so I didn't like to interrupt. I love the chicken!


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