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Well well, I was looking through some old records, lists and discs for some stuff  that I made some time ago and I came across this magazine article - International Dolls House News - do any of you remember this magazine?

I was a Collector for many years before I started making and in 1999 I was asked by the Curator of Watford Museum if I would have an exhibition of my collection and mini-makes!!
It ran from May through to June and it was due to the visitors book that I put out, that I was instrumental in the start up of the Watford Miniaturist Club.

I spent weeks making lots of displays to fill the glass cabinets and tables, in the centre of the room, as my houses/Shops etc would be displayed in the wall cabinets around the perimeter and on the stage.
This was when I first started to 'play' with clay!
I made my first batch of fish and varnished them with pearl nail varnish - they never dried and I had to throw them in the bin! That was lesson learnt, number one!
I did manage to make my first Lobster, Crab & Seagull. The Seagull did not sit flat so I had to glue him to the rail outside the Fishermans hut, the next couple were better.
It was nearly a year later when I started to make miniatures, every spare minute and with my good friend Irene, we both took to the Fairs circuit, I can't believe that it is 10 years ago!!
Sadly quite a few of the fairs that we attended then, are no longer running.
I thought you'd like to see some of the photographs of my 'then' collection that were published.
 I had a whole seafront of kiosks, a beach scene with rowing boat, sand castles, lobsters, crabs and Gulls with children in swimsuits. This was set in the 1960's. Great fun to do.
Also shown is my favourite dollshouse, Keepers Cottage and my Queen Victoria Pub - these are both set in Victorian times. 
Alas I did not make any more fish for quite a while, I bought some from Carol Smith. I had already collected quite a few pieces from her and used to just phone her and tell her what I wanted.

My next posts will be about the items that I first made & sold due to  attending the Polymer Clay Guild London meetings, where my confidence quickly grew, working with such lovely people. This week, I revisited some of those skills/methods learnt back then and made some new (old) items which I will post on here soon. I will also tell you about a Sue Heaser class that I was happy to attend and the books that I have just unearthed, to read again.
Hopefully you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me?


  1. loved reading this mags :0)
    am looking forward to more trips down memory lane,I bet lots of us didnt realise how long you had been making your fab minis .
    julie xxx

  2. Thanks Julie, glad you enjoyed it, I keep telling you that I am old!!!
    I didn't start collecting until my mid forties, as a child I had a Triang house,long gone, sadly.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Mags, it's great to read a bit of the history behind Mags-nificent. Not only have you been making magnificent minis for so long now, I also bet a lot of us don't realise the amount of time that you've put into teaching, promoting and doing good deeds in the mini world through the dolls house clubs and groups that you have founded or are a member of, not to mention all of the advice, support and encouragement that you have given to collectors and fellow artisans alike. Looking forward to the next installment! xxx

  4. Oh my word - how that takes me back.....we've both been around for so long Mags, we're nearly antique!
    Do you remember the dragons and mermaids we both used to make......and first feathering those birds....must be 10-12 years ago we first met.

  5. What a fabulous reminder to have Mags (I believe you now when you say you are old!!) I remember seeing some of it at Ally Pally when I did my first show there.

    Mary x

  6. Mags, I remember IDHN very well, in the days when we just had black & white, no colour. It was run from their kitchen table by three very dedicated ladies who did so much to promote our wonderful hobby. It's not so long since I got rid of my very early copies of the mag. I wrote for it on a number of occasions in the days when I had 'spare' time!

  7. Fabulous work, hope you got some photographs of it yourself? How I would love to get to a miniatures fair in the UK one day!

  8. Yo no lo conocía, me ha encantado ver los trabajos tuyos de hace años. Ya se ve que eres un artista desde siempre:)
    Me encantará ver otras cosas de antes.
    Besos Clara

  9. Thank you, Clara
    (rough translation for us English folk....)
    from Google translate

    I did not know , I was delighted to see your own work from years ago . You can see that you are an artist always :) I love to see other things as before.

  10. I certainly do remember International Dolls House News....still have many back copies and it was a wonderful magazine. It has been lovely seeing your old articles Mags, brings back many memories...and proves that you have been in this business a heck of a long time! Celia


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