Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This and that.......

I have been making some 'WeenyWot' people again but this time a little larger than normal!
Well as I am always saying: I sure don't do 'pretty'.
In this instance I have achieved, pretty..............
                       'pretty damn ugly'...... Lol.
Introducing my Elf....Azzard...

Dirty 'fresh pulled' veggies...

That pesky rat gets everywhere!...

I wanted some wool tops for my little folk's hair and placed an order just after lunch yesterday with Debbie arrived this morning...fabulous service...take a look at their website, they have some lovely items...   

Work - in - progress 
Which colour hair shall I use? 
I think maybe the darker shade of red, what do you think?

If you are reading this, I know you will be laughing!
I really need to take some lessons, methinks...
Talk about Mick Jagger lips! LOL...
The hat turned out well, though!

May Dolls House Magazines...
I didn't receive my copies of the May Dollshouse magazines until this morning but delighted to see my work in both Dolls House and Miniature Scene and The Dolls House Magazine.
Did anyone spot my wedding photograph in The Dolls House Magazine?  ROFL...I knew that it would be the only photograph that was in black and white!!!! We have been married for 45 years in May!

This Season's accessories for Witches:
I love to see my 'mini-makes' used by some of the best and nicest Doll makers, here are a couple of examples:
Two pictures of Bellabelle dolls and one of a Giddy Kipper doll...Julie and Jain are on their way to Chicago today and I hope they have a super time.
If you are going to visit the Kensington Dolls House Festival in May, as I am, I am sure you will go and see their lovely work.

My goodness, I have had a lot to say this week - better get on with making stock for the next fair, now.


  1. Lololol , you´re right Mag ! Great !!!
    Great coloured hair , sculpt more and use them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don´t stop !!!
    hugs, Silke

  2. Hmmm, no comment about the elf Mags, but the legs look good, could have given him some trousers though to hide those knobbly knees.!!!!!
    Like your wedding photo.

  3. He looks like he was real fun to make Mags!! Thanks also for all the useful links you have been posting, they have been very helpful.
    I have recently joined Facebook to keep up with all the new items that are being shown so you will probably be getting a message from me soon. When I work it all out!!

  4. Hi Mags, Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement you left on my blog. Big hug. I love your blog and your super characters! Best wishes, Carol :)

  5. Oooer Mags...he's a fine looking figure of an elf is your Mr Azzard (can't stop giggling over his name :))Knees are perfect...very much like my own actually LMHO!

    Mr Mags and yourself look the biz!

  6. Has hecho un trabajo fantastico, es un elfo muy especial y un poquito borrachin jejejeje, solo hay que ver la jarrita de la mano.
    Te ha quedado genial, me encanta.
    Tienes que seguir haciendo estos divertidos personajes.
    besitos ascension


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