Sunday, 27 September 2009

Super Sunday....

Today I taught Food texturing at a workshop in Ketton, hosted by Janice.
The 'school girls & boys' were:
Barbara, Sue, Pat, Ann, Jacki, Annette, Jean, Triston and of course, Janice.
We had a super day, it was fun but everyone worked very hard and produced some beautiful bread and meat in the morning and a couple of cakes ( one, a Chocolate Bundt) in the afternoon.

Everyone was given a comments card to write on and these were the results:
Thanks for a really good day. I learnt lots of new techniques for texturing which are going to be really useful....
Thoroughly enjoyable!....
Had a lovely day! Promise to try to work harder and talk less next time!....
Excellent, really enjoyed today, great teacher*....
My first ever time working with Fimo.
Learnt so much about texturing, workshop fantastic, also met lots of new friends, thank you, really enjoyed myself....
Thoroughly enjoyable. Learnt lots of new techniques and had lots of fun too.
Please come again....
What a fantastic day....
I've had a fantastic day with Mags, what a clever Tutor and a lovely person. Thank you....

Oooh, I am truly blushing!!!
It is a lovely feeling when at the end of a workshop, everyone has produced miniatures that they are really happy with.
Now back to building stock for Miniatura!


  1. Bonito, disfrutar de un maravilloso día con compañeros de miniaturas y aprender nuevas técnicas.

  2. Sounds like a brilliant day was had by all mags :0) it looks like it was a lot of fun :0)
    hmmmmm.......miniatura stock........ its going to be a busy week !
    julie xxx


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