Friday, 23 October 2009

Giving talks on Miniatures...

On Monday evening, I was invited along to the Wollaston Methodist Guild meeting to give a talk on my Miniatures.
It seemed to go very well (nobody was talking!!) and for the first time, after doing this on many occasions, there were Gentlemen in the audience.
I took a few photographs and you can see that some of my creations are being passed around for closer inspection!


  1. Your very brave Mags ! sounds like you went down very well though and everyone looks very impressed with your food as well they should be :0)
    julie xx

  2. Its nice to go to groups like that Mags. Thats how I found my dolls house club. Did they ask for a workshop? Glad it went well.
    Debie xxx

  3. I've done quite a few talks for WI groups in the past and wondered if some of the members viewed them in a similar light to some of the scenes in Calendar Girls.....

    As in.....

    *Next month ladies, Gwendoline Postlethwaite, latterly of the Mortuary Pathology Service, will be talking about 'The Forensics of Unusual Cases'. I'm sure it will be dead interesting....*

    Usually, at the end of what I considered to be a light-hearted but riveting talk on doll's houses and miniatures, when I asked for questions, some previously somnolent lady would say,

    "Yes, that's all very well, but WHY?"


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