Monday, 20 June 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

I hadn't realised quite how much time had passed since my last blog entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, no time to make any miniatures due to having a new kitchen put in at home...this took a few weeks.
We had a new tiled floor and walls plus, the three doors that lead to and from the hall, Utility and Dining room were also replaced. 
It was lovely to go out shopping for all the new accessories - I do love to shop!
I thought that I would share a few pictures with you all before I show you the miniatures that I am currently working on.

Now to miniatures...
I am currently working on an article/how to for one of the Dollshouse magazines...I won't tell you what it's about because I don't think it's right, you will see it when published.
I will give you one little clue....
 The leaves and flowers, I made up with kits from the lovely Georgie, who I have known for many years. I made the vegetables and the muddy beds. 
Please click on the link and follow her lovely blog.

These are some of the other items that I have been making ready to exhibit at forthcoming fairs...

and finally ...
................................something that everygarden needs!!!!


  1. Love the new kitchen Mags, looks lovely.
    Some lovely new Mini's as well, especially like the little succulents in the pots and the Lavender and if you run out of that stuff in the Rusty Bucket, I've got a few Ton of it here that your welcome too...LOL xxx

  2. Lovely kitchen Mags, use it in good health and for long years.
    The miniatures are lovely- as usual!!! I am looking forward to the article already.
    I must mail Georgina and ask if she does overseas business...:-)

  3. Mags, Your new kitchen is FABULOUS!!!!! What a great place to cook in! Love it. I really love all of the miniatures that you have been working on too!

  4. Kitchen looks very elegant Mags, your miniatures are as usual, Top Class.

  5. I like the mini's but I keep going back to the kitchen because we need a make over, my kitchen is horrible but I'm loving yours :)


  6. Mags I dont think my kitchen has ever gleamed as much as yours ! have you moved "mr muscle" in too ?? It is beautiful !
    Love the minis , I cant wait to see your project come together,
    julie xxx


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