Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Where do we get our inspiration from?
At this time of the year, it seems that many of us 'Miniaturist folk' are enjoying our Gardens and, judging by many of the blogs that I follow, it is where a great deal of inspiration comes from, so many of us are making flowers,plants and garden settings. 
Then, of course we see pieces that we love, beautifully made by another Miniaturist and we just have to create our own version. 
One such Miniaturist is Georgie Steeds (mentioned in my recent post) you cannot fail to visit her stand at KDF and not come away feeling inspired.
However due to the travel problems experienced this Spring, I ran out of time and did not spend long at her stand but I did notice her lovely shabby chic potting table.
As I always make a couple to take to fairs, I thought I'd try one (with her blessing, of course)
Now, whilst thinking about how I'd fill it and which colours to use, I thought about monochrome and contrast.
This led me to make up two tables, one is a shabby chic, monochrome design and the other is a contrast, using two colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel - red and green. 
I spent ages making these, I made the flowers and painted and aged the tables, crates, pots etc.
The red and green Begonia and the Echeveria plants are kits from Georgie but the other plants I have made myself, using various flower and leaf punches.
I am not sure which table I prefer, I am pretty pleased with both of them.


  1. I loved your tables for gardening, are amazing ... Congratulations!

  2. Both tables look lovely

  3. inspiración afortunada!!!!!

  4. The plants are magnificent! And the whole scene is so fun!

  5. Both are gorgeous I couldn't choose between them :) For some reason your blog had dropped from my update tool thing - it's so nice to see it again. :D (and coincidentally I blogged on some of Georgie's flowers a few days ago as well!)

  6. Preciosas bancos de trabajo para el jardin, un trabajo fabuloso, besos pepi.

  7. Beautiful Mags!! I love both tables :-)

  8. You've certainly been very busy - it's hard to chose between the tables which one is preferred! I'm very impressed with your coleus too!


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