Friday, 22 July 2011

Inspiration & rub 'n' buff..........

Yesterday, Iread a blog post by JANICE, she had been using rub 'n' buff and coincidently so had I - in fact I looked like a 'gilded grannie' ... more on me than my miniatures!
Remember the photograph from my garden with the Heron and the old boot?

 Well having re-created a miniature old boot, I thought a Heron would be nice.

Well then I thought, why not look for some pots in those boxes that have not been opened for years.
I knew that I bought some urns ..........? years ago.
I found them and gave them the same treatment....
3 coats of acrylic brown/green paint mix and then good old rub 'n' buff on top.
I think they look quite nice.

Then I gave the same treatment but with different colours to some pots that I am about to lable and plant up - Witchy ones!

Now to get the clay out, I feel creative!


  1. So cool, thanks for sharing about this. :)

  2. They look fab Mags, I love the Herons.

  3. Glad you remembered what had stored! The pieces with the aged effect are beautiful. I'm anxious to see the mini place with these items.
    Best wishes

  4. Ooops! I thought it was a stork!

    The little ones look lovely with the rub n buff. It's very effective.

  5. They look fantastic. That effect looks great on them love the herons. Hugs Maria

  6. Wow Mags these are superb they look amazing I love that Heron xxx

  7. Hmm... rub 'n' buff.

    Is that any relation to scratch 'n' sniff?



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