Thursday, 18 August 2011

Long time - no post...

Busy, busy, making minis for Thame Fair on Monday 29th August and also for Miniatura in September...

Some wizened old Mandrakes...

The last two have Piskie & Poppet eyes - thank you, Debie.


  1. Love your mandrakes - their facial expressions are great :)

  2. These are fab mags, think they will go down a storm. Good luck at Thame, not that you will need it, your work stands out from the crowd !
    julie xxx

  3. I love these Mags, great charaters. Have a good Thame, Jain xx

  4. They are great Mags. Debie does make brilliant eyes and they look great in your Mandrakes. Good Luck at Thame xxx


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